US Election Update (Election Timings)

See the latest charts. See my previous post on when the 5m is better (if in front of screen and want to reduce risk by being in and out quick) and when the 1h is better (ie if want to reduce risk by small trade size and want to avoid being caught out by short term volatility)

(Also if your screen looks different – you may have a spreadbet account, so prices are different and also therefore signals are different based on that price – which is fine). Also consider and as the brokers I trust. Trade v small size and add to winners, never to losers.


Election results when markets likely to move the most:

00:00 GMT – Counting on East Coast. Polls Close. Virginia most important. (If Trump wins – expect USD to fall, or if Hillary close winner).

Georgia – as with Virginia.

00:30 GMT – Ohio poll closes. V important.

01:00 GMT – lots of results. Big market moves. If Trump loses Florida and Ohio -then Clinton wins, USD will probably rally at first, then pullback on profit taking. So expect some sharp moves up, before down. So you may only want to trade the moves AFTER the result, not just before. Also 1m and 5m bars probably safest so you can monitor. Small trade size, add to winners. Watch like a hawk.  

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