September 9, 2015

12 Week Mentoring Course

As well as regular mentoring posts which you will find on this site, the 12 week mentoring course schedule can be found here for your convenience:

Remember you do not need to do it in 12 weeks. I add new content based on mentee questions eg explanatory videos, forms, tests, exercises all the time – just email me if ever there is anything specific you want help on by way of mentoring – I’ll create videos and communicate with you until you ‘get it’.

Additionally a great way to get mentored is to send me screen shots and also keep a trading journal you can send me with my you did the trade and the elements of SELMMA on there (ie stops, entry, limit, movement, money bet, additional positions) that way you learn a lot and I can mentor you even better.


And if any video appears fuzzy – watch this:

Fuzzy Videos from Alpesh Patel on Vimeo.