August 4, 2015

Can I Make a Career From Trading: Some Rules

Some rules:

1. PLEASE always start with small sums and indeed a demo account. You get the same training with £100 as you do with £100k.

2. DO NOT run before walking. It does take time. And it is very easy to lose a lot very quickly.

3. Have a learning attitude is essential. That’s why with Pips Predator you have the Pips Predator mentoring site ( and also mentoring emails. The education is invaluable from a professional manager. I too am sitting waiting for signals, so it is great to be able to help people at the same time.

4. The idea with the PipsPredator is to give you training wheels. It is to remove some of difficulties otherwise people find.

5. Don’t forget for apprentices our free trading community where I update apprentice questions and my market views:

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