August 1, 2015

Using Pips Predator

As an Indicator purchaser or Mentoring purchaser you are going to be trained up through great webinars, articles etc. With more coming daily from me. It’s a professional hedge fund manager you are looking over the shoulder of. Welcome to the private member training programme!

I am also adding here the documents on how to load the indicator and use the indicator for your convenience:

The latest manual you will have downloaded from the same page you downloaded the indicator which was and the username for that (hint: elitemember). You would have in your first ever email from me, have the username and password.

Finally, you also have free access to search all issues and my answers on our free community site:


How to read the signals from Alpesh Patel on Vimeo.



Also how do you find opportunities quickly? See these:

Finding Opportunities Quickly from Alpesh Patel on Vimeo.

Tile Your Trading Screen from Alpesh Patel on Vimeo.