September 3, 2015

Using Pips Predator on a Mac

I use Pipspredator on a Mac. Below I will show you by text and by videos how you can do this. Don’t worry. You may want to skip to the bottom of this page which has videos.

Option 1: Have Us Do Install for You

Also if you don’t want to do this yourself, my team will remote install it for your onto your machine. The team in charge of MT4 installation as part of my apprentice care are: (Americas); (Europe, Middle East, Africa); Francisco (Asia Pacific). You can email them and they will call you and remote access and install for you.

Option 2: Do It Yourself

If however, you want to do it yourself then you can follow the instructions below.

Remember Step 1 is downloading and installing MT4 trading software. To do that we need a piece of software on Mac which allows us to install MT4 onto the Mac. Step 2 is installing the PipsPredator indicator onto it. 

Option 2a: (medium level but great support)

Although option 2b is the most popular, I have some apprentices who prefer this route. The free virtualbox sits on a free version of Window 10, so you can install MT4 on that.

This explains it:

And this is the download link:

The support offered by them is great too.

Option 2b: Crossover/Wine (easiest and most popular)

The setup is pretty straightforward and the process of installing a windows app is done step by step with prompts. It uses the Wine code base (open source) and is regularly updated. I’m using it right now with MT4 Link :- We will refund you the cost of buying this.

First find your downloaded PipsPredator (from ) .

Once you have downloaded it, the best way to do this is ‘Finder’ mac2

Then you will be able to type in ‘FXPipsPredator’ in the search box


Next highlight the PipsPredator and right-click to copy it


Next click ‘Finder’ again and click on ‘Documents’ mac2



Now you should see the Documents folder and if you right click in that folder you should be able to Paste the Fx Pips Predator into that Documents Folder.


Now go to MT4 and open it then File >>Open Data Folder>>MQL4>>>Indicators

This is where we will place the indicator. I’ll show you how now.


Mt4>>>file>>open data folder








Next click on My Documents>>>then right click FX Indicator and copy it




Now click the big ‘back green arrow’ to go back to the Indicator folder and paste the indicator in there.




Now close all windows and MT4. Then re-open MT4. You will find the indicator under the indicator window and can drag and drop it in to the charts. Look at the PDF ‘How to Load an Indicator’.





Videos Step 1 and Step 2

YouTube has some good videos for installing MT4 on Mac and then an indicator on MT4 on Mac too:

Step 1: Videos on How to Install MT4 on Mac

Step 2: Videos on How to Install Indicators in MT4 on Mac

How to Place Trades in MT4

Remember you do not have to use MT4 to place trades. You use it to see signals from PipsPredator. You can use any broker. BUT if you want to use MT4 – this is a good video:

How to Create and Save MT4 Templates

How to Create and Save MT4 Profiles