New Update + Brokers!

Good news: We have a new PipsPredator Update coming. It should go live on Wednesday 15th February! I am very excited because we’ve had some of the biggest and best data scientists working on it to make it even easier to use, but more importantly we listened to your feedback. We are just doing the final testing now for you 24/7. As ever, the essential code is the same as I’ve always used, we have tweeked the user experience and also made it easier for you than ever. There will also be an updated trading manual with it. You can from Wednesday 15th Feb (evening UK time) download it from the same link you used to download the indicator originally:

You can continue of course using the version you are using. Entirely up to you. And you should not stop using the existing one until then. It’s a bit like a Windows update, you don’t stop using your existing one! 🙂

Brokers: You will know how much I dislike brokers. Like politicians, I say don’t trust any of them. So I try to be careful and pick ones listed on the stock market so they are regulated even more and have lots of shareholders watching them too and are UK FCA or US SEC regulated – but no matter what you do, you can’t trust them. Anyway, if you have on you like – stick with them – that is all I can say I think.

Remember we get our free data and software from our MT4 platform and many brokers offer that – BUT you place trades through whichever broker you are happiest with. Always check their ‘spreads’ between bid and offer though. And always meet them in their offices if you can and never put too much money with one broker ever and compare different ones. That is the best advice I can give I think.