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Easy Rules of Leadership for Entrepreneurs

I want to share some of those leadership traits I, Alpesh Patel learned. I’m going to share some research with you out of Harvard Business School and other academic institutions.

What allows leaders to get their messages across? In addition, what gets their companies to do well or be successful in their careers.

It’s not the usual internet infograms, I’m afraid. Moreover it is more practical, penetrative and useful than that. Which I’m going to share with you.

What are the lessons that I've learned about those who succeed and lessons for leadership

Leadership lessons Alpesh Patel learned about those who succeed

Experiences on Leadership by Alpesh Patel

It’s based on my experiences as a dealmaker for the UK government’s Department for International Trade, where I bring technology companies to the UK and as chairman of City Hindus Network.

Leadership can be about articulating and communicating vision, or it can be about the kind of advice you’re giving others.

All the views expressed here are personal. It’s based on research. It’s based on working with outstanding entrepreneurs as well.

Role as a Government Dealmaker

As a government dealmaker I've seen companies with good leadership go from zero to unicorn status.

Alpesh Patel’s role as a Government Dealmaker has taught him many leadership lessons

To give you a bit of background – what is my role as a government dealmaker? Sadly, it is not signing treaties with people around the world.

I look for unique technologies and entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs who are leading the way in their field.

What are the lessons that I’ve learned about those who succeed and lessons for leadership. I’ve seen companies go from zero to unicorn status.

What were the winners doing right? What were the losers not doing so well? As you can imagine, I’m still learning as well.

As a Government Dealmaker what are the leadership lessons I've learned about those who succeed

Alpesh Patel UK Government Dealmaker Department for International Trade

As I said, my government role is what I’m going to draw on, but the views are personal. I’m also going to draw on my role as chairman of City Hindus Network.

Leadership Traits of Hindus

In case you don’t know what Hindus are, and I’m sure many of you do, well, if the world was just a hundred people, you might be able to see on there how many of those would be Hindu. There’s about out of seven billion on the planet; there’s over a billion of us.

There are certain leadership traits and terms I get from Hinduism

There are certain traits and terms that you’ll have come across, and I’m going to draw upon these, but you will know. I’m sure you’ve heard of things like dharma and karma, even maya as well.

Qualities like dharma and karma and maya are important in leadership

Leadership Lessons learned from Hinduism

Most of us tend to come from India, and many of us live in the UK and the United States. But let’s go back to the issue of leadership. What does it actually look like?

In businesses, trying to level up the global economy what does it look like? Trying to solve some of the world’s biggest problems, trying to resolve some of the inequalities you can see on that map?

Leadership trying to level up the global economy, what does it look like?

What does it look like for those in business? Trying to level up the global economy, trying to solve some of the world’s biggest problems, trying to resolve some of the inequalities you can see on that map?

According to GDP, if the world were arranged by country size, that’s what the world would look like. You can see there is a lot of skinny areas.

Messaging is key in any leadership role be it politics or entrepreneurship

For those, whatever leadership you’re in, whether you’re in politics or entrepreneurship. What are the things that I found through not just the academic research.

But also practically talking to winners in business, winners in politics who have managed to do it? Because there are a lot of you out there who will be very good at what you do. But the message isn’t coming across.

And, so, you’re not able to get the leverage to success that you deserve. So, what are the lessons we can learn from some of those who we often think total empty vessels but doing incredibly well? How the hell did that happen?

In Leadership Messaging Matters

How come their messaging was so good despite their product or offering in politics or business being so poor. I want to cover some of that with you now in this.

I’m going to ask you this question, what do these statements have in common?

Leadership campaigns

One of the names put forward was England football team captain Kevin Keegan

Choosing a leader

In 1981, the British government met to discuss the best business person to front a campaign about what citizens would do in the event of a nuclear attack.

One of the names put forward was England football team captain Kevin Keegan. You might think that odd. It won’t be in a second. Likewise, what does this statement have in common with that?

Face structure

Research suggests that executives with squarer, angular faces fare better than in salary negotiations, than rounder-faced.

Appearance and Leadership

Does face structure matter in leadership?

Also it’s true whether you’re a man or a woman. Yeah, I’ve got a CrossFit session in about three hours to get a more angular face.

Leadership and hand gestures

Appearance and Leadership

Use hand gestures

What do those two statements have in common with this third one? A recent study found that the most-watched TED Talks on topics like leadership are made by presenters who use twice as many hand gestures as those who present in a less animated fashion.

Simple lessons

Basically same subject, same content. In comparison one was getting listened to and getting ahead than another.

We sometimes say, “Oh, well, that’s just the TikTok generation. Yeah, they’re all style over substance.” It’s getting results. What can we do about this?

There are lessons, research, and practical lessons that I have learned from my observations of dealing with entrepreneurs as a dealmaker for the government?

What do we see, which are some of the traits of success?

Hard and soft messengers

Hard and soft messaging in leadership

Hard and Soft Messengers

Well, you’ll come across the term hard and soft messengers.

Hard Messenger Traits

Hard messengers possess status. Okay. Research shows four essential traits that contribute to status-driven messenger success, socioeconomic position, competence, dominance, attractiveness.

All of these factors will suggest status. Status is a hard messenger, and hard messengers tend to succeed.

I’m not saying you’ve got and rent a Lamborghini, stand in front of it, and suddenly you’ll be able to sell your product. To emphasize, people are a bit more attuned to reality and authenticity than that.

Authentic messaging

We’re going to build on what this means in your messaging. Even if you’re an entrepreneur, business, or a politician. People are also less likely their behavior changes less likely to honk at higher status cars.

To summarise hard messengers get certain privileges in life. We know this, and it annoys us. Like I said, those hard messenger traits, we need to bring out more.

How do we do it? What do we do? In short that is what I’m going to build on in this article.

Leadership message by Pierce Brosnan is status driven

Leadership message is status driven

The reason you’ve got Pierce Brosnan there is that he conveys some of that hard status. We hear about Instagram and influencers. They’re looking for some of these hard messengers in an authentic, correct way.

Finding the right messenger

Where do we find them, and how do we bring that out in our own messaging so that all the hard work we’re doing is not lost because our messaging is poor? Hard messengers, as I said, status, they bring those traits, and that’s one example of it.

Even people like Louis, rounder faces get to be brand ambassadors around the world as well. In this case the messaging is important not just, as so many of you are reading, the expertise. The old focus on expertise is just the building block.

Leadership equals Charismatic Messengers