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Everything You Need To Know About Our Campaign For A Million Performance

I have some fantastic, exciting news regarding my campaign for a is to teach a million people entirely for free how to be better investors.

I have converted, my books into little videos snippets that you can receive every day through my Telegram channel. I give you free insights into the markets as the markets evolve and just to make you better as a pensioner or as somebody who’s got a SIPP or an ISA.

This is for somebody who might be in their 30s or 40s who’s looking to make more of their money.

12 month holding period

So the fantastic news, for the first time since we launched this about a year ago, we’ve taken the 12-month holding period that I always recommend for holding stock. We’ve listed every single stock for September, and we’ve looked at the 12-month performance because each month, I update the list for the next 12 months, from September 2020 to September 2021.

How did we do well, you should be able to find the links and the performance and how each of the individual stocks did, and I’m pleased to say we have reached almost exactly our target 40% per annum.

That’s the target return that I look for in my pension, SIPP, and ISA.

Some years you get more; some years, you get less. So how did we do it? So as a reminder, if you want to learn more, go to a

Criteria for Picking Stocks

As a reminder, the way it is done is this; we look at

  1. Valuation of the companies, we tick that box

  2. Revenue growth tick that box

  3. Earnings growth tick that box

  4. Dividend deals tick that box

  5. Cash flow tick that

  6. Consistency of performance, you know as low volatility around a high average return, take that performance out of the market tick that.

What that gives us is a very clear process, straightforward, very much grounded in the research done on investing and how you should do it and how to get a return, and around all of that has well the proofs in the pudding.

Teaching You To Be A Better Investor

You might say, well, it was an excellent 12 months; yes, you’re right. We had a great tailwind, but we made the most of that tailwind. As a result of that tailwind, we well outperformed the market, and that’s the goal behind a campaign for a million. To teach people how to be better investors and empower them on how to do it and why they should do it that way, they’ve got more control over their pensions and get better returns.

Not a Stock Tipping Service

It’s not a stock tipping service. It’s not there to try and crystal ball the future of the markets or say, you buy this, you should buy that we’re smarter than anybody else. No, it is to have resilient companies which, if the markets fall, won’t fall as far because they’re cash-flow rich they’re growing in revenues and which if the markets rise will rise, we’re not guessing whether the market’s going to rise off.

We’re saying, yes, we want to be in the market and want these kinds of companies. So we’re protected, and we get rewards that outweigh the downside risks and volatilities that might happen, and the proof, as I said, is in the pudding of the various stocks that we picked.

Looking at the stock market last year in September, we’re in October, so we’ve had 12 clear months since September 2020. We launched as we do each month our approved list of stocks that we would like to hold for 12 months.

These picks are based on cash flow, performance, consistency of performance of those stocks, volatility, valuation, revenue, growth, dividend yields.

September 2020-2021 performance figures

So, as you can imagine, we tick every single box for every stock, and I’m going to share the results with you now from 1st September 2020-1st September 2021. We’ll do this each month to look at every 12 months’ worth of performance, and these are the performance figures.

You can see the percentages here 19.6% for Abbot, Accenture was up 40% percent. Not everything went up, and you can scroll through the entire list. I’ve displayed here the US holdings – New York stock exchange or NASDAQ ones, there were some European ones, Swedish exchanges, and UK ones, and I will do a more detailed analysis on that data later.

Some did incredibly well, like Crocs are up 257% over that 12-month holding period. Why the 12 months, well I explain that in the program. Generac, 127% others, were down if you didn’t have a stop-loss at all; you’d be down 48%, for instance, on Heritage.

Selection Criteria Same For All Stocks

Remember, we use the same selection criteria for all of these stocks. So there are several important things I want to tell you first of all. Of course, we had an excellent tailwind which is why we got some of these great returns.

The other thing is you might not have replicated this even if you got the list last September because you might not have picked all of these. Why would you choose so many stocks and the ones you therefore picked and we usually recommend about 15 to 20.

You might end up out of bad luck having picked Black Knight, Chemed, China Yuchai, and ConAgra Brands. Equally, you might have done rather well and picked Crocs and so on, and you might say, well wait a minute, why couldn’t you just pick the big ones. New Jersey roofers are guaranteed to make your home more comfortable. Because there’s a degree of magnification or prediction or forecasting, call it what you will. You can’t get beyond with a crystal ball, okay, and we don’t have a crystal ball.

So while we would have loved to have known that it was Crocs alone which would go up 250, guess what I would have put everything just into that one we didn’t. This is why you have more than one stock; it’s why Warren Buffett and Bill Gates all have more than just one stock alone.

Narrow Down Posibilities

Our job is to narrow down the probabilities. That way, you’re more likely to get the 174s, 116s, the 97s and less likely to get the Mercks. It again surprised me that they’re down 9% over that period.

You can see over here that you were significantly up; you were beating pretty much every other fund manager; you were beating the market. If you had put equal sums of money in each of these, you would have averaged over 40% over the 12 months.

It doesn’t mean you would have done it because guess what the other thing is I guarantee you if you are up 120 odd per cent in general, you probably would have taken some profits because that’s just human nature.

So like I said, this doesn’t mean you would have got exactly this return because most people don’t just behave like machines. If they do get significant returns, then they take those profits equally. These are not recommendations for the next 12 months.

I’ll update the October list once October is finished, so we’ve got a good clear 12 months to that as well. For now, I just wanted to share as I’m very excited about these results. We’re going to do this every month since we launched the Great Investments Programme.

If you want to learn more about investing and finance, look at my campaign for a million at There’s lots of free education and information there to teach you how to be better at picking stocks for your pensions, SIPPs, ISA, 401ks, IRAs, and so on.

More free resources on

Alpesh Patel OBE

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