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Get Mentored. Get Results.

Without the right mentors Alpesh would never had a hedge fund, he would never have had his own TV show, he would never have had any successes really - he would still be making his own mistakes in blind ignorance, when in fact, he could leverage the inspiration and insights which comes from mentors.

Our mentoring for traders is unlike any other in the world.

As well as using the experience as a hedge fund manager to teach beginners, after all we provide the same training we give new hires in our firm, we also use all the mentoring Alpesh received from my mentors who he found when writing my first book, The Mind of a Trader.

But he created a programme unique in the trading and investing world, because there is no on-going costs, no subscriptions. we wanted something affordable. So we made sure all upgrades and updates are free for life and included. Read that again. By having an army of profitable traders, rather than an army of people paying us subscriptions and therefore never getting profitable, we can have the economy of scale and pass it onto you.

But we think mentoring is best when you can do it at your own pace. A classroom may seem a good idea, but with modern technology that we use, it's not needed. You always have access to all the materials and you mentor, Alpesh Patel, that we make your home a virtual classroom. We found in experiments people learn and return better then they do it at their own pace and have 24/7 access to materials.

Thanks to writing this book, Alpesh interviewed and met some of the world's leading traders who became advisors and mentors to him and it is that which made all the difference and that he shares now through our own firm with new employees and with people through his mentoring and trader training programme.

How Does the Alpesh Patel Trading Mentoring Programme Work?

Step 1: Get You The Right Tools

During the first week we provide you with all the tools you will ever need, these include our PipsPredator software and indicator and also our 12 week and 30 day courses, both of which are geared to take private investors from beginner or advanced status to consistent profitability.

Step 2: Work Out Your Strengths, Weaknesses and Goals

Also in the first week, through our online assessments we can determine which areas to focus on. May be you have never traded before? Maybe you are at the other end of the spectrum and are looking to become a hedge fund manager. The programme was created to help both categories - and everything in between.

Step 3: Look Over Your Shoulder, As You Look Over Alpesh's

Next, as you see the trading signals, learn from our manual how to use software to forecast the markets, we look over your shoulder through on going mentoring and monitoring to see how you are progressing and you observe us on what we are doing, both through the trades we send you and also by looking at the software we gave you in Step 1 which we use.

Achieve Real Results Today

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Trading Mentoring: What Can You Expect?

Because the mentoring and courses for your mentoring are all by Alpesh Patel, with videos and step guides, and access to Alpesh too, you will form a close relationship with him. He is there to make sure you are pointed in the right direction.

As a mentor Alpesh likes to be hands on but let his apprentices-mentees work at their own pace. Some are busy with careers, others with health issues, so all work at different paces. To give the individual attention people crave and needed for success, Alpesh takes on apprentices in small limited batches so he is not overwhelmed.

By having software with live real time prices and his own trading indicator, PipsPredator, to help you, you can also see everything he does live and in real-time, so you are both always on the same page.


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