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Pips Predator Indicator Review by Alpesh Patel OBE

Both the software and the individual should be reviewed, that is best practice due diligence, and they should be reviewed by peers as well as users.

Pips Predator Indicator Review by Alpesh Patel : Peers and Experts

Pips Predator Indicator Review by Alpesh Patel

Below are such reviews. You can verify these in print on Amazon jackets of Alpesh Patel’s books and also on

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Peter Cruddas

Chairman CMC Group

“Alpesh’s insight to the markets and trading are a must read for traders of all levels including beginners, there is something for everyone.”

Dan Maczulski

IG Index

“Genuinely attempts and succeeds in giving the tools to convert a private investor to a professional investor for today’s ‘Holy Grail’ obsessed market.”

Ivan Schouker

CEO American Express Sharepeople

“Alpesh is a born authoritative commentator and always insightful news editorial contributor. I miss the time when his FT column on online investing was my incentive to buy the weekend edition.”

Peter Temple

Financial Times columnist

“…one of the savviest traders around. Read [Investing Unplugged] and you are guaranteed to be a better investor.”

Justin Urquhart Stewart

Co-founder Seven Investment Management

“At last someone brave enough to explain trading clearly.”

Simon Campbell

CEO and Publisher, TRADERS’ Magazine UK

Alpesh has a been a valued keynote speaker at our live events for many years, whose rare talent in connecting with investors and traders at the retail level, while explaining and simplifying complex theories, accounts for his enduring appeal and popularity with our attendees and readers. As if that isn’t enough, he always adds wit, passion and knowledge in his interactions bringing a smooth flow to the event’s format

Dominique Dubois

Vice President, Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild Europe

Mr. Alpesh Patel was a guest speaker at Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild Europe’s Annual Institutional Seminar, held in Luxembourg on 11th June 2013. His tailor made presentation on the outlook for global markets was witty, informative and extremely well received by the over 300 professionals present. We would highly recommend Mr. Patel as a speaker at any such event

Review by Alpesh Patel Users

Simon R


Pips Predator has exceeded my expectations in amount and quality of information in the course, USB pen and books. I also have used PP to generate many small wins.

Richard ORourke


Judy was very helpful and cleared up my download issue quickly and efficiently Response ID: 7279291, Country: Spain, IP Address:

Rod Ross


Good Response, Rapid Resolution Thank you

Girish Jawaheer


I subscribed to Pips Predator I am loving the 12-week course and it has shown me how ignorant I am! My learning has exponential. I have 2 weeks of the course left to complete. The content is fantastic and massive value for money.

James Knight


I think is it amazing that you have provided such excellent and accessible content available to improve the knowledge and understanding of the investing public. I also think it would be an awesome experience being mentored by you, in my case, probably for life.

Ario Dehghani


I am an apprentice since 2 years ago and wanted to say a big THANK you!!!I started getting profitable with the Pipspredator! Finally, after 2 years of laying around I had time to pick it up again and learned so much from you. I went through a lot of courses and trading seminars. No one is like yours.

Michael Foulkes

CEO,TD Waterhouse Europe

“Find out how one of the UK’s best known traders and broadcasters uses the wealth of information out there.”

John Watson

Co-Chairman CNBC Arabia

“The lid of the traders’ black box has finally been well and truly removed.”

Pat Arbor

Chairman of the Chicago Board of Trade

“Gets to the heart of the matter of trading by clearly elucidating the methodologies of successful trading strategies while capturing the ineffable ethos of singular, successful traders”

Thom Calandra

Editor in Chief, CBS MarketWatch

“Let this veteran trading warrior show you how to survive and thrive with his latest internet guide”

Nathan Moss

COO Merrill Lynch HSBC

“The Internet Trading Course is the best guide of its kind to personal investing and will satisfy the beginner and the professional.”

Hans Georgeson

Director Barclays Stockbrokers

“Alpesh clearly brings to life the difference between what analysts and the media ‘spin’ and what you should trust.”

Barclays Wealth

Vice President

It was a pleasure having Alpesh speak at the annual Barclays Wealth and Investment Management Diwali event. He is by far one of the most talented speakers that I have come across to date. He has the gravitas and natural ability to captivate an audience and keep them engaged throughout; a gift that very few have. Despite his exemplary speaking abilities, what sets Alpesh out from the crowd is the sincerity that sits behind every word he delivers; an intangible quality that allows him to “hit a home run every time!”

Praveen Roy


I am pretty confident that after completing the 12 week mentoring course, I would be able to use the indicators very confidently for profitable trades. First Name: Praveen, Response ID: 7739521, Country: India, IP Address:

Rishi Thobhani