Warren Buffett Just Bought These Stocks

The stocks Warren Buffett just bought and sold is always something of great interest to people.

Here are the details.

Stocks Buffett Bought and Sold

The portfolio of the guy who saw the housing crisis – Michael Burry Hedge Fund manager – made famous in the movie ‘The Big Short’:

Burry Portfolio

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“Stocks End Week with Biggest Post-Election Day Rally in Over a Century. A Biden win, divided Congress would be ‘nirvana for growth stocks’ “

“How Nasdaq became the winner on election night.”

With the election over, investors see some market-friendly themes. Billionaire Leon Cooperman: “tech stocks are not irrationally priced” JP Morgan “Stocks have the ‘best of both worlds’ post-election Warren Buffett bought a record $9 billion in stock in the past three months.

I humbly beg you not to miss it. Learn to improve your investment returns yourself, and sack your fund manager, or just start doing it properly.

More seriously, it’s important at this difficult time people get money working hard for themselves. My way of thinking of my 15 stocks for 12 month hold and review is that those global companies need to be the best in the world, as they hold my future, my pension, my son’s inheritance in their hands.From a societal basis – Governments want us to save and invest and give tax breaks such as 401k and SIPP and ISA so that we have less reliance on the State. Just like they want us to be fit.Get financially fit – it’s the patriotic thing to do!

99% of people invest by chasing headlines, or ‘hot stocks’ or ‘hot sectors’ or ‘hot countries’. As a strategy, it may look like it makes sense. But it doesn’t work. It’s too random. A decent investment strategy drill to the ability of a company to make cash, and grow profits, consistently without volatile swings. I explain in today’s live webinar which stocks under a Biden Presidency these are, such as TechTarget, the billion dollar data driven marketing company with clients like Cisco which hel[s billion dollar tech sellers know when tech giants are looking to place huge orders.

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