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Why Pips Predator Makes You More Risk Aware

Alan reviews Pips Predator

What is Pips Predator?

Pips Predator by Alpesh Patel makes it easy for a beginner trader. It helps you realise high returns after a few months.

This online trading course provides courseware, access to proprietary online tools and resources.

In the one-on-one lifetime mentoring. That is designed to enable beginner or advanced traders to earn higher returns.

About Pips Predator

Pips Predator is designed and led by the award-winning hedge fund manager Alpesh Patel OBE.

Students can learn at their own pace. Through a carefully developed a library of educational materials. This will help them secure their financial future.

Focus on clients

Pips Predator is for beginners or advanced traders – who seek higher returns from their stock trading.

Alan’s Investing Background

Alan had worked in the international telegraph service his entire life. He had invested inheritance funds into the Halifax Bank. The bank held his funds for five years.

Since he retired, Alan decided to evaluate Pips Predator. He wanted to see whether he could learn how to trade.

Alan’s Investing Journey

Alan was impressed with Alpesh’s manner and style during a webinar he watched. So he decided to try Pips Predator.

He found the courseware’s repetition helpful. To remember the key concepts. The tools made principles easy to apply in practice.

Alan finds the learning process enjoyable. It’s also highly conducive to understanding key factors. Especially when he has to evaluate stocks and make transaction decisions.

More risk-aware and less risk-averse

The Great Investments Programme gave Alan the tools and knowledge. He invested outside of the UK in global stocks. Which, he had not done before.

Alan became ‘more risk-aware and less risk-averse’. Previously, he had not taken any risks, perhaps not understanding why.

Now he evaluates the risks and calculates whether they are worth taking, leading to better results.

Alan’s Investing Outcome

Alan made £956 on Zoom in a fortnight as a preliminary trade. This impressed him very much.

He is approaching trading cautiously. Alan plans to continue analysing the lessons. He also wants to ensure that he has a solid foundational. A good understanding of fundamental principles and systems.

Be prepared to put in the work

Of Pips Predator, he said, “Be prepared to put in the work. Learn the process it’s an excellent tool.

Now I’m in total control – with Alpesh’s help. I went from returns at 10% to now 20% per year. That is remarkable for me.”

Expertise offered on Pips Predator

  1. Achieving better results by explaining technicalities. Like market metrics, movements etc

  2. Optimise returns by managing the self. Focusing, gaining awareness of risk profile and emotional detachment

  3. Creating more straightforward ways for traders. To understand market influences and be catalysts for change

RISK WARNING: All investing is risky. Returns at not guaranteed. Past performance and case studies are no guarantee of future results. 

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