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Why we are raising $30m Venture Capital Funding

You will know I've been out to Silicon Valley and am speaking to VCs from the Valley and London on investing in our company. My work in venture capital is available on .

The reason for raising funds

The time is ripe for our solution. No other regulated hedge fund manager has spun out technology for the masses. We want this to be the Google of trading. Our 'competitors' do not have any credentials whatsoever. They do not have any record of managing money, no regulation as an asset manager and yet they claim to be traders and charge thousands.

Trading Provides Social Mobility

Looking back it was social mobility that led me to teach myself finance. I read some of Marx and didn’t like the idea what capitalists could do to you so thought I better get some capital to protect myself. I started as a teenager. Investing.

Motivated by the drive to be socially upward mobile. Then there is a point in your life you give hands up to others. Educate others. Education releases potential when it meets opportunity. What they don’t give you, you take. They didn’t give me financial education at school so I took it from every source I could. Including the leading minds in the world and then shared it.

The Demand

Since I wrote the Financial Times international bestseller, Trading Online, some 20+ years ago, I've seen no reduction in the desire for people to trade online. In fact, the supply of poor 'schools' 'academy' 'university' 'college' proves to us the need to supply a world-class software and mentoring.

Use of Funds

We will use the funds to add to our artificial intelligence pattern recognition computing power. We will also make our software even easier to use. We will mentors and coaches and use the funds for global reach and in person classes too.

Funds will also be used to address the top requests of our users and their many great ideas on how our mentoring could be even better and easier for them.

Our long term plan

Of course the end goal to get the venture funding is to get an exit and this would be an IPO and eventually we see no reason why this would not be a $1billion business - the 'Google of Trading' one day.

Thanks all for being on the journey.

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