Timing – Simple Instructions

I want to reiterate some simple instructions:

  1. It is about timing – some time-frames in some currencies pick up trends incredibly well – see the image below. When this happens, I want to keep looking at those. (see below)
  2. NZDJPY is not exactly the currency pair as well known as Apple or Vodafone is as stocks. But as I’ve said before, if it makes money, that is all that matters
  3. If you want things to be simple, you don’t need to add to your winners. If you want more profit – add to your profit (add1 and add2).
  4. If you still have not downloaded this Version 3 of PipsPredator, it is on the same link as your original download, same username and password you had for that. And check the manual too which is updated. It shows buy and stop loss levels.
  5. Also when you add to winners, if you are more advanced, you don’t have to add the same size position, you can pyramid in, ie add a smaller amount. eg let’s say you did 1 lot or £6 per pip. You could do £3 per pip on your additional position, so if it moves back, you have more profits kept for yourself.
  6. Please read my outstanding trading manual from when you downloaded the indicator. It shows you how to place a trade, how much money to put in, how much you can make, and at what risk. It is an amazing way to learn.
  7. Don’t forget the 12 week course. It will teach you about trading
  8. And you have access to me too of course. Please do email me. You can send me screen shots.
  9. For mentoring I also ask you to fill in www.alpeshpatel.com/14 so I can keep an eye on your trades each fortnight too.
  10. I am here for you. Read, watch the videos, practice. Email me. All of that is mentoring.