September 4, 2015

Using MT4 and Loading the Indicator


The biggest issue people have to getting started is that they don’t read the instructions – worrying as they plan to be traders. So I’ll walk you through things again, but please read things slowly:

  1. After you bought the indicator on you should have been given on screen your username and password to access a page to download the indicator.
  2. You DO NOT download the indicator from this website (ie not from
  3. You will also be sent an email repeating this (we find it helps to keep repeating things) with your username and password to download the indicator because people are often in a rush – a worrying trait if you plan to be a trader.
  4. On that page after payment you would have found buttons to download the indicator (do scroll the page), take your time, it’s  a really big button. You will also find documents to show you how to download and install the indicator.
  5. ***IMPORTANT*** You do not download and click to install the indicator. You read the manual/instructions PDF document from that website and it tells you how to install. This is a sophisticated tool and so it is worth just reading that document – it is repeated below for your convenience.
  6. If the Pips Predator indicator file you download looks like a PDF, some users have found uninstalling Adobe Acrobat until the indicator is installed, then reinstalling Acrobat helps. Others, espcially those using Windows 10 have found that instead of downloading it, if they right click on the link/button to download it and use ‘Save Target’ to save to desktop for easier finding later, that works best for them – especially if your computer does not allow you to download it without some error message appearing.
  7. If any of this takes more than 15 minutes – just email me and I will remote access your computer through Skype and install it for you. My record is about 60 seconds to install it.
  8. ***IMPORTANT*** The username and password you were given for downloading the indicator you should NOT use to register on . You should register on this website with a new username and password of your choice. Remember to register for the first time, then just login in future, on .

Here I will remind you how to use MT4 for the indicator. I have included the document you should have downloaded when you accessed the indicator: How to Load An Indicator with Alerts March 2016

(by the way when you download the Indicator file, this is where it will show up on your browser. From there you need to get it into MT4, which is what the instruction manual above shows)



I will also take you through by video, as some prefer that, on loading, installing the indicator and using the MT4 software/platform.

Using MT4 from Alpesh Patel on Vimeo.

Also, for trading MT4 is too complicated in my view. Which is why we use it for signals, but I prefer simpler spreadbetting platforms for trading. Have a look at this document I prepared. Placing_Trades

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