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Democratising Investing & Trading

Taking the best insights of high-end investing and trading, stripping out the complexity and cost, and empowering private investors with it.

Our History

Launch of first Hedge Fund in New York in 2006 with Prime Brokers on the meeting floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Based on research conducted at Oxford University and published in Financial Times columns.

Our Achievements

Understanding the needs of private investors for lower cost and better quality than traditional fund management or pseudo-fintech which does not actually innovate. Then delivering and fulfilling these needs through technological innovation married with institutional, private banking quality insights.

Our Vision

Be the Google of trading and investing. Use Financial Technology of the finest quality giving simple answers to returns at the lowest cost, accessible to everyone – all based on our worldclass research.


Some of our works

Highlighted Projects

We succeed through diligence and teamwork; always seeking to be original in our thinking. Good is never enough, we have to be excellent.

Edmond de Rothschild bank.
Merrill Lynch HSBC
10 Downing Street(London)
Department for International Trade
Investment Algorithms (Robo Advisors)
Bloomberg Television
Financial Times
Oxford University
Oxford University
Quick Facts
Financial Times Columns
Trading Algorithms
$ 100 m
Peak Assets Under Management

Flagship Products

Pips Predator Software Indicator

For Beginner to Advanced, from stocks to forex
  • What makes the indicator special is that we use it in our own fund.

  • It helps reduce losses and reduce stress

  • No need to be a screen slave

  • It can send alerts

Investing Courses

For longer term investors
  • Using know-how from 18 books

  • Using know-how from FT award winning results

Investment Software

Great for Long Term Investors (12-24 months) in shares
  • Algorithms for datamining global stocks

  • Track record over 10 years

  • Award winning