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What Makes Pips Predator Special

Winning Trades

We ensure a high percentage of winning trades by a good momentum strategy, and also by adding to our winners.

Losing Trades

We limit losing trades by ensuring we exit quickly

Reduce Stress

Our job is to ensure through the indicator you do not need to keep second guessing when to enter and when to exit the market

Money Management

We focus on ensuring you understand how much to place on a trade, where to put exits so your losses are limited and profits are captured and enhanced


The Mentoring Programme
The Pips Predator Was Designed To Increase Profits and Cut Losses

This private member mentoring site drip feeds bite size videos, articles, PDFs I have written or recommend to teach people to trade. It is a complete programme which takes you step by step to becoming a professional trader. The programme has hours of great content which all my trading team have to understand in order to graduate. It is created to mentor my apprentices to make them professional in their trading approach. Below you will see an image of Alpesh's past and present clients who pay him for his financial acumen. It is this same insight you will find in this private member mentoring site.

  • How many trades won

  • How many trades make more than 1% of total risk capital

  • How many trades added more than 3% of total capital

  • Trades profiting >1% of total capital, then turning to losses


Our Customer Care Team

To Help You Succeed

24/7 Live Assistance

+44 34505 63799

Your Trading Mentor: Alpesh Patel

Direct Lines for Apprentices Only - US: +1(914) 356 8716; UK: +44 (020) 3290 2573; Hong Kong: +852 81999 786; Skype: alpeshbpatel

Maja Spasenovska

Executive Assistant to Alpesh Patel

Francisco Repal

Head of Customer Care (Indicator Installation: Global & Asia Pacific)

Judy Balagtas

Customer Care (Indicator Installation: UK, EU, Africa, Middle East, Americas)

Yehlen Alforte

Customer Care (Non-mentoring)


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