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  • Read the manual you received when you first paid and became a member and we sent you by email. (essential for all levels of trader)

  • The 12 week course is the best place to start. If you're advanced user then skip the basic parts. You do not need to do it over 12 weeks. It's yours for life. Do it sooner. It's not essential. You could just trade with the indicator and manual. I strongly recommend completing at least to the end of Week 1 though for all levels of trader.

  • 12 Week Course: See and if you do not know how to enroll just see the video "How to Login to the 12 Week Course" at ; if you still need help, read this: 

  • Keep in touch with our app (our Telegram Channel on you mobile or desktop) to get latest updates, news, market information. The private Telegram channel (link on 12 week course) give you the trades we are keeping an eye. 

  • Keep in instant messenger app with our WhatsApp on your desktop or cellphone: (essential for all levels of trader)

  • 99% of Technical Questions are Answered by these Videos:

  • You should also see these very important videos: and


  • 30 Day Course: Once you sign up/register to the 12 week course, you will be auto-enrolled into the 30 day course and the link will show on the same page. This video also explains it (not essential unless you're a total beginner or want to know more on all types of trading styles)

  • Saturday Webinars: See 12 week course (Lecture title: Saturday Webinar) (not essential)

  • Community Membership Site/Trading Club: we've updated and upgraded this so it is more interactive and we are posting on it daily. It allows you to post questions and communicate with others. Links in the 12 week course. 

  • Latest Trading Views: See Community Site and Telegram Channel. What and When to Trade: See Community Site (not essential)

  • FAQs: We've upgraded the answers to these in wonderful snippet videos. See 12 week course for links

  • Infograms and Videos from the old site are all on the 12 week course – plus much more and updated weekly (not essential)

  • Buy the indicator and mentoring for life:

  • Brokers: To see the latest updated list of brokers I suggest, see the 12 week course

  • Podcast: You can find it here  (not essential)

  • Mentoring Questionnaires & Trading Logs: These are on the 12 week course, as you work through it, you will see them. To send me your trades, you can use free app or any screen capture or video software you like but loom is super easy. (not essential)

  • Social Media: If you want to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, Twitter – go to 12 week course – the links are all there.

  • Monthly Newsletter: See 12 week course (not essential)

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