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Through our weekly 6 trading webinars for our apprentices only, Alpesh educates them on stop-losses, entries, money management, and more.

Daily News Emails

You read all Alpesh reads each morning from his inbox and can ask him any questions.

3 x Weekly Trades

We deliver three times a week the 4-5 trades on each day we are placing so you can learn from our thinking.


Through our 30 day course and 12 week course (both yours for life) you will learn how to go from beginner to professional fund manager/trader.

In Person Meetings

If you’re in the same town as Alpesh, come and have a 1-2-1 meeting with him if you’re an apprentice.

Live Trading

You see thanks to the indicator software, exactly what Alpesh sees on screen. Then share any questions with him.

Trader Community Website

Through our trading apprentice members only community site, you get to ask Alpesh any questions and read or search through all his trading mentoring articles and lessons

Personal Feedback & Mentoring

Alpesh gives personal feedback on your trades. You provide these through our bespoke online forms and questionnaires so we see how you are progressing, and via Alpesh’s personal private apprentices only email address.


Our software and indicator are based our Financial Times published books, FT columns, experience as hedge fund manager and interviews published by the Financial Times with the world's leading traders like Bill Lipschutz, the former Global Head of Forex at Salomon Brothers.