August 1, 2015

About Pips Predator

This is my personal signals indicator that my team has to use and be trained to use. It is built on years of experience as a regulated hedge fund manager, developed from my time at Oxford University and the research I did there, and based on my research for my books and Financial Times columns. You have my personal guarantee, this is the best of the best.

You can download the PipsPredator from here.

Why do I make it available? First, it does me no harm at all educating people, and helping to make sure they cut their losses and indeed make more profits. It does not benefit me having people lose money, when I could do something to help them. Does this indicator mean you can make me bankrupt, ruin me, out-compete me? No. Otherwise Soros would not have written his book ‘Soros on Soros’ and Buffett would not have written his book detailing how he makes money and Donald Trump would not have written ‘The Art of the Deal’. We share how we succeed so others can too – it is part of human nature. It’s why Richard Branson and Anthony Robbins give speeches.


What if you can’t be the next Alpesh Patel, international hedge fund manager, author, FT columnist, Bloomberg presenter? Don’t worry if you have to use the money-back guarantee for the Indicator, if you fail, if you give up. Better to know early you’re not meant for the markets, than to drag it out.

And if you like what you see, and have a spare million dollars, my firm would be happy to do it for you. (Now you see the real reason behind my motivation!)

(Note from Mr Patel’s Lawyers: That is not a solicitation to invest).

Ps. The free gift for watching my webinar to the end, well you can get it here: Charting Made Easy

Pps. To get your free analysis by me of the type of trader you are, with a SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunity, threat) analysis and how to make sure you  play to your strengths and avoid your weaknesses you can fill in this simple questionnaire: (if you can’t see it below)

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You can download the PipsPredator from here.

And  those free books again for watching the webinar:  Charting Made Easy  and Day_Trading_for_Dummies

And the free course by Alpesh with videos and digital folders of his latest newletter and forecasts from banks and much more is here: