8 Simple But Effective Tips for Brand Building for Middle Aged Professionals

Like me you probably look on in incredulity at the twenty-somethings with a million followers on Instagram who get paid by brands to endorse vacation spots.

Lucky them of course and the bloggers and vloggers will tell you it IS a proper job. But what about the rest of us...who cannot professionally vlog from our bedrooms about how to improve our receding hairline - but with an ounce of professional credibility would like to develop and grow a brand based on our professional activities?

Especially because promotions, jobs, sales, plan-B all depends on it nowadays in the day of upstart startups and no more jobs for life.

But beyond that - it is the fulfillment you get from hosting charity fund-raisers - doing things more than shuffling papers at your desk. Trust me, this is better than the modern-day cult of the self. It's the feeling of helping others that is going to make the brand building useful. (You don't believe me yet, I know, you think brand is ego and money...after those wear off...it's purpose and fulfilment that is why brand is truly important).

Speaking as someone who is a brand ambassador for a financial services company, what develops a brand professionally?

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