Getting 300m Followers...And Trying To Engage Them All!

We often hear of how to engage, entertain, inform. It is the secret recipe of getting followers on social media and that is the modern mantra. But also vital when Chairing conferences, often on very serious important subjects. So how do we do it?

Well, on traditional media, when I do BBC commentary, 75m viewers are watching. How do you engage? And inform? And entertain?

Equally importantly, when I am teaching people to trade and invest online, they need to be informed and entertained.

My rules from when I was doing my show on Bloomberg TV was

Be insightful and original. If you are repeating cliches - then shut up.Be relaxed - practice humour - you do it with your friends, well the audiance are your friends - and although not for every issue, every minute, do be relaxedBe yourself - stop trying to be something or somebody else.

By showing the video below before going on air was to remove that wall between audience and me. Too often people want to be the 'expert' the 'specialist'. Instead of being human.

Nowadays we call it being 'authentic'. We used to call it, 'being yourself'.

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