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Look For Concrete Evidence-Based Stocks To Invest In 

The Great Investments Programme by Alpesh Patel makes it easy for a beginner investor to realise high returns after a few short months.

A investment training programme that provides online courseware, access to proprietary online tools and resources and one on one lifetime mentoring designed to enable beginner or advanced investors to invest successfully.

Risk Warning: All investing is risky. 

About Great Investments Programme

Designed and led by the award-winning hedge fund manager Alpesh Patel OBE, students learn at their own pace through a carefully developed library of educational materials so they can secure their financial future.

Client focus – Great Investments Programme

The Great Investments Programme can be used by beginner or advanced investors who seek higher returns from their investments.

Great Investments Programme educates private investors on how to invest for their future. With software & 1-2-1 calls, they are fast-tracked to almost an expert level of confidence.

Tazeen’s Investing Background

Tazeen, a transformational life coach, was a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch. After that, she was a presenter on the Bloomberg channel with Alpesh. She decided to start learning from the Great Investments Programme in 2020. She looked for concrete evidence-based stocks and companies to invest in.

Tazeen’s Investing Journey

Tazeen loves the Telegram updates that Alpesh does. Even with a busy life, she found getting the updates helpful as they would tell her when it’s time to check release stocks for the month, let her understand what’s happening in the market, and stay abreast of helpful tech tips, for example, times when it’s best to stay in cash. Tazeen found Alpesh’s telegram channel a handy shortcut to being in the know.

Even with her background as a stockbroker, Tazeen went through a steep learning curve because she wanted to learn the course quickly but concedes that if there’s no time limit, it would be easier. She found the emotional and psychological tips very useful for managing her feelings and actions. Tazeen has started trusting her intuition more.

Tazeen’s Investing Outcome

Tazeen has a much better understanding of her own risk profile, enabling her to invest confidently. Overall, Tazeen has experienced positive returns with the Programme and intends to continue investing & improving her skills and investing results.

Great Investments Programme Expertise

Alpesh said, “I want people to understand that investing is not something to be afraid of, and educating them in terms is my job and my track record is well documented, so I am really pleased to be practical.”
  1. We achieve better results by explaining technicalities such as market metrics and movements and how to use them to know when (and how) to act.

  2. Optimise returns by managing the self: focusing, gaining awareness of risk profile, and emotional detachment.

  3. I am creating better ways for investors to understand market influences and catalysts for change.

RISK WARNING: All investing is risky. Returns at not guaranteed. Past performance and case studies are no guarantee of future results 

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