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Stock Market, Bitcoin, Ocugen and More To Watch

Learn to trade in the stock market and understand how the stock market works with Alpesh Patel. Suppose you’ve followed the craziness behind bitcoin, or Ocugen, or Gamestop. The world has gone crazy and greedy.

Should I invest in the Stock Market?

What does it mean? Are you missing out? After all, Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, backs Bitcoin, and he didn’t get rich by being stupid – he owned PayPal (so do I – 20 years later, by the way).

Let’s not forget this week also saw the lawsuit against Robinhood, the cheap online broker, for the suicide of one of their clients.

Stocks like Ocugen can be alluring

So before your kids all decide to take down my industry, the hedge fund industry, please be aware of that.

Yes, it’s alluring – Ocugen is up 700% in just a week at the time of writing. Or Golden Rock up 500% over the same time.

Of the biggest movers, I only had French Connection – 100% return in a week, and I had to wait six months for that! And I wouldn’t own it now. “I’m out,” as they say on Dragon’s Den.

Reddit Chatroom

Gambling is not investing

The chances of you finding that lottery ticket are small – there are thousands of stocks. Even if you reduce it to small companies, and ones on Redditt, the online chat room.

These things are rumoured; you’re playing like a person in a casino. It’s not investing.

So Don’t gamble

And if you’re gambling, you know you only use risk capital, i.e., sums. If you lose, you won’t change your lifestyle. And that’s the problem. It then isn’t worth it.

Let alone, if you get in, and then it drops. I host a weekly radio show on Clubhouse (the new American app on which Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg appear).We discuss with a global audience, including those from Silicon Valley, the latest developments on Friday nights.

Discussions on Clubhouse

It is an insightful bunch from hedge fund managers to techies to entrepreneurs. And things are coming up I wouldn’t invest in because you really need to know your stuff – SPACs (cash shell listed companies which shoot up in value- Branson has one – on speculation what they may invest in).

We discussed the new area of companies working on mental health through psychedelics microdose drugs. Not my cup of tea – but I know for speculators that will be good news.

Of course, all great fortunes are built on private information, as Rothschilds said, but this is public information for me. Great fortunes are still built on trustworthy, reliable information.

How to Trade and pick the right Stocks

Learning to Invest in the Stock Market

The few, on luck and chance and you don’t hear about the dead investors because they’ve lost so much, they can’t pay the internet bill.

The demand for learning quality, not gambling information, is high. I gained 10,000 followers in 5 days on TikTok because people are fed up with the no nothing numpties claiming to make you millions in a week.

Many asked me for work experience; I created a virtual remote internship in my asset management company.

Knowing how to start trading and investing is not too difficult. Visit my for free investing resources and learn how to trade.

More free resources on

Alpesh Patel OBE

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